Doug Heck - Wood Turner, Bee Keeper, Database EngineerSome refer to me as a master wood turner. I definitely enjoy turning. I am always amazed by the variety and beauty hidden inside each piece of wood. Even within several selections of wood from the same tree, sometimes the same branch, the variations in grain and pattern change unpredictably. Every time I turn, I feel like I am diving into an adventure of color, shape, grain, and character.

I invested in my first lathe, an old Sears Craftsman 12/24, in November of 2004. It wasn't the best lathe in the world, but it was a lathe from which I learned the skills of the trade. Sometime around late 2005 or early 2006, I purchased a Jet 1442.

Turning on weekends and in the evening after work and dinner, I found relaxation in the craft. I also enjoy reading books on the topic and researching techniques others have used that help tackle the many challenges involved in turning. With a collection of hardware on hand, I have built quite a few devices and jigs to make the work easier and to accomplish techniques that can't be achieved otherwise.

I reside in Carroll County, MD, with my wife Susie. When I am not wood turning, I enjoy beekeeping. I care\ for several hives on our property and love sharing the bees' fascinating habits with anyone who is interested. I even use the bees wax they produce to finish many of the bowls, making them food friendly!

You may know me through the Carroll County Maryland business community. My expertise in the Information Technology industry includes database engineering, software development, web and web-application development, systems integration and just plain "making things work".

(Pictured above right is Doug in his bee suit, tending to the honey bees. Followed by images of his active subjects! All Photographs on this website are © Kelly Heck Photography. ) // 410-259-6406 // Taneytown, MD

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