Doug Heck - Wood Turner, Bee Keeper, Database Engineer I am a self-taught Carroll County wood turner, enjoying the beautiful wood that God has given us. He puts the beauty in – I get to show it off. I began turning wood in 2004, finding that woodturning was to become my new passion. Most of the wood I turn is from the Maryland area and from trees that must come down or have already fallen. It’s hard for me to see a fallen tree on the side of the road and not imagine what could be created from that wood. I cut and haul most of the wood that I use. I also turn most of it green, meaning while the wood is still wet, which is a whole process in itself.

I find relaxation in the craft. I also enjoy reading books on the topic and researching techniques others have used that help tackle the many challenges involved in turning wood.

I reside in Carroll County, Maryland, with my wife Susie. When I am not wood turning, I enjoy beekeeping. I even use my own beeswax they produce to finish many of the bowls!






(Pictured above right is Doug in his bee suit, tending to the honey bees. Followed by images of his active subjects!)
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