Yes, I do custom turning.

Why someone asks for custom turning?

Many folks are more sensitive to preserving our environment and making the most of what we have before us.

Remembering Loved Ones

I have had a number of folks ask for custom turnings from wood, from a tree, on their property as a memory of the person for whom the tree was planted.

Using a Downed Tree for Wooden Ware

Some folks who have had to remove a tree due to damage to the tree have asked for custom turnings with which they may remember the tree. They have also sought to have the tree used for something with more meaning or purpose than firewood.

The tree pictured here is a Red Oak taken down in Herdon, Virginia. The family had it removed because it was a risk for their house. Once cut, we found it had signs of it heading into it's final years. The base of the tree is over 3.5 foot in diameter.

Woodturned Products - Handmade in Maryland

Enjoy the beauty of nature, in the comfort of your home!