Q: Can you use a piece of wood that I provide?
A: Using your own wood, though I would love to, can come with some complications. The state of the wood is difficult to determine, even if the outside of the piece looks healthy. Wood also has a tendency to warp over time, especially after carving or turning. Warping can also lead to cracks and rocky bases if fresh or wet wood is used for turning. For these reasons, I do not often use wood outside my own collection. With that said, I will still consider it. Please feel welcome to contact me about the type of wood you have and what you would like turned. To control and limit the drying process, paint the end grain of the wood with an old can of paint; sealing the ends helps to reduce, and sometimes, eliminate cracking.

Q: Where do you show your work?
A: Currently I have limited showings at local events, but not in any shops at this time.

Q: Can your bowls be used for food?
A: Most of the finishes I used are food friendly. If my descriptions do not specify, please ask. Please note that natural edged bowls that still contain the bark of the tree can be delicate, so use of them, if at all, should be done lightly and with care.

Q: Are your vases water proof for flower arranging?
A: No. Even with a finish, most wood bowls and vases will still absorb liquids and will damage the finish or wood. Glass tubes, specially designed for vases, can be inserted in a wood vase to contain your water and flowers.






Jet 1442 Lathe
Here's a snapshot of the lathe I use most. It is a 1442 made by Jet and has been a great tool. This lathe along with its cast iron legs weighs in at about 500 pounds. This weight is good because it helps to dampen vibration with larger pieces or anything that starts out-of-balance.

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