I am a self-taught Carroll County wood turner, enjoying the beautiful wood that God has given us. He puts the beauty in – I get to show it off. I began turning wood in 2004, finding that woodturning was to become my new passion. Most of the wood I turn is from the Maryland area and from trees that must come down or have already fallen. It’s hard for me to see a fallen tree on the side of the road and not imagine what could be created from the wood. I cut and haul most of the wood that I use. I also turn most of it green, meaning while the wood is still wet, which is a whole process in itself. I find relaxation in the craft.

Continuous Learning – Staying on top of any skill requires constant effort and learning. I enjoy learning new techniques to apply to new challenges. I enjoy reading books on the topic and researching techniques others have used that help tackle the many challenges involved in turning wood.


I reside in Carroll County, Maryland, with my wife Susie (gardener and crafter). We have 2 beautiful adult daughters (goldsmith and photographer), 2 wonderful granddaughters (both budding artists) and a great grandson. Time with my grandkids provides me a wonderful recharge.


When I am not turning wood, I enjoy beekeeping. I also enjoy general woodworking, welding, and playing and bicycling with my grandchildren.

Community is important to me. Each of us needs to be involved and active. I am a part of the following organizations:

  • Taneytown Heritage and Museum Association (THMA) – I am a member of THMA and an active volunteer of the Taneytown History Museum since the initial discussion to create the museum in 2003. As a volunteer I have built display cases, done Plexiglas welding, designed and hosted the original website, chaired the Holiday of Trees fundraiser for the first few years, made pieces and parts for a number of displays, and much more. Read more.
  • Grace United Church of Christ – I am a church member and one of several deacons (through December 2023). I’ve been serving as president from 2020 through May of 2024.
  • Taneytown Chamber of Commerce – I have been a member since 1996, have served as president, as well as chairman of the museum committee. Read more.
  • Carroll County Artists’ Studio Tour – I have been a member of the studio since 2019 as Doug’s Turnings. I always look forward to sharing my beautiful woodwork with you. Read more.


I began leading Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (FPU) classes in 2016. Folks in this world rely too heavily on debt and debt brings on stress. Lots of it. Dave Ramsey’s program lays out a great plan for eliminating debt and getting your financial life back into control. In the end, attaining financial peace, a place where you free your energy to do more for others.

Susie and I like to discuss financial problems and strategies with folks, with the hope that our experience and ideas will help others.